Friday, September 18, 2009

Australian Brush Turkey (or Scrub Turkey)

I introduce to you our resident Australian Scrub Turkey!

Actually she (we believe a female) is quite a pesky creature, though I don't blame her. She just flew in from god knows where a bit longer than last week and thought it cute. But in actual fact she's been destroying our garden. She is native after all...

The Australian Brush Turkey is a native Australian bird. It is fairly common but it's interest lies in the way they lay their eggs. The turkey creates a mound by scraping leaf litter into a pile and lays the eggs in this mound. It is one of the peculiar animals that's gender is determined by temperature. When the chicks hatch they dig themselves out of the mound and are left to fend for themselves.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet Freesia

This picture is of the sweet smelling Freesia.

Many of you may know it as it is a common garden plant. Though very small in size (an individual plant may be about the size of a small soft toy, yes, I am comparing to a soft toy!), it can be well noticed as it's scent blows in the wind from many metres away and fill a field. There is just one downside: it's flowers do not last very long and are seasonal bloomers.

It's very easy to grow, you might like to try it yourself.

The Well Known Cumquat & A Note About Me

I'd like to note that I'm not an expert and I'll try my best to name as many plants as possible. Please, if you find out that one of the names are wrong or that you know the names of one of the plants, kindly write a comment so that I can edit my post! Thank you!

So First Plant: The Cumquat

The cumquat (or sometimes spelt kumquat) is a citrus that has a small thumb size fruit that has a thin sweet skin and a sour flesh with a similar taste and appearance of an orange. Some hate it some love it; but if you can stand the sourness it's a delicious fruit.

Our cumquat is in a pot and therefore is quite small but it seems very healthy.

Welcome To The World Of Flora

Welcome to my new blog!

How generic...

But you will find here a hidden passion that many people didn't know - The World of Flora.

I will be posting my pictures of plants from my backyard. For me it will be a way to keep track of the plants known or in fact unknown(!) to me and to remember the ones that may be lost to Mother Nature's wishes.

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