Saturday, November 7, 2009

Turkey (a short post)

An update: Well the scrub/brush turkey has been having on and off sessions at our place. Actually, we don't want it here to be honest because of it's destructive behaviour, but we have no idea why it's come here in the first place. Perhaps it's home has been destroyed, well we'll never know. As I've said in Australian Brush Turkey (or Scrub Turkey) we believe it's a female. But lately we think we've found it's counterpart. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures but it seems a male brush turkey has decided to try out our backyard to our dismay. It looks a lot more vibrant in colour on it's neck which leads us to believe it's male. I'm begging them not to come back, but there's really nothing we can do about it. I know a lot of you are animal lovers but we want it to go back home where it belongs. Not in the company of humans or getting dependant and losing the skills it needs to survive.

Why People Might Of Been Shouting Bushfire

I know I haven't posted in a while, but as many excuses... I mean reasons!, go, I've been awfully busy. One of the reasons that I've tried to maintain this blog rather than my other blog at the moment is because this blog is a lot quicker to write in than of my fashion blog! So I'll try to keep it up.

So a month or two ago day was turning to twilight in the middle of the day. It has always been a familiar sight where I live, but rarely does it get this dark in the day, a once a year occurrence where usually the smell of smoke is the only signal we get around here. It meant the fires we're somewhat near, and though there wasn't any hysteria going on there is always an uneasiness at the back of our minds. We concluded that this was just back-burning, done before the bushfire season was to start, so there wasn't that much concern going on.

These are some pictures of the day the back-burning occured:

From the kitchen window. You can see the bright orange red colouring coming through the corrugated plastic. <

Through the camelia leaves the sun peeped out glowing brightly.

Another shot of the burning sun, not the normally cheery sun we see here.

And the orange light reflecting on our green walls inside.

And that was just part one!

Just a few days later a similar vision could be seen in the sky. But somehow it looked different. Living in this country so long you get this sixth sense on orange skies that you might be an expert on the subject. The colour was wrong, it was browner and murky. The first reaction was of course, BUSHFIRE, BUSHFIRE. But the longer you stare, the longer you breathe and you noticed this couldn't be a bushfire. Why did the air not have the scent of smoke? Why was the sky an opaque fog? And so people started to think it was Armageddon, as it naturally made us emotionally down. The world was almost on fire.

This was the sight from our living room into our backyard. The sky is a browny-orange and you couldn't see more than a hundred metres out.

The traffic lights also turned funny colours. Green was blue, orange was yellow, red was orange, like the weakened short lightwaves couldn't get to us! Too tired I suppose, haha.

And the sun, forget what they told you about eye protection. You could stare directly at it where usually blinding yourself was just too easy (click for a closer view).

Silt seemed to gather all over the cars, windows, tables, any surface. Even inside while the doors were closed.

It wasn't a bushfire, it was a dust storm! It's not often the city gets covered in dust, but it has happened before. What made this different was that it was never as widespread and intense as this. And it was very bad news if you were one of those people who suffered badly to dust or had asthma!

Yes, it's quite long overdue but not only is it interesting, but I'd say culturally in Australia, It's VERY important and I know a lot of you will agree also.
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