Saturday, December 26, 2009

Foxglove: Love at First Sight (2009)

Purple quite a common colour, a close up of the purple foxglove:
English style gardens have always been my sort of thing. Cottages sitting snugly between patches of continuously flourishing flowers beginning to spill over their set area, and moss topping everything off indicating abundance and fertility. It's a stark contrast and a world away from the Australian garden, or what's left of it anyway.
It's the Foxglove standing in a strong stance at the back of the garden that is always the star of the show, and in the pursuit of this flower I've decided to add it's presence in our own flower garden.

A purple foxglove at its grand height:
The Foxglove, also called Digitalis, is technically a biennial flowerer. At its base layers of large leaves that I would say resemble sage leaves (perhaps because both plants belong to Lamiales Order) cover the ground and when flowering the plant sends up a stalk of bell like flowers, nodding down, that open starting from the bottom to the top. There are a few different colours of flower.

Close up of white Foxglove:
In my own garden the Foxglove struggles with the climate it faces. It likes to flower in the summer but the Australian summer is harsh often burning the leaves and dehydrating the plant. The stalk often droops down as if it has no will to live. Some make it for the next year but many die halfway through flowering.

White Foxglove standing tall:
In time we hope that the best of the Foxglove will survive to leave a group of adapted plants.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let's add a rainbow to Christmas: Silverbeet

Some veggie goodness from our Garden of Eden.

This is Silverbeet or in some countries called Chard. It is related to spinach, has quite thick and strong green leaves, and believe it or not the stems come in both 'regular' bright red and yellow!, and colours in between which explains the colouring in the photo I've taken.
And yeah, it's a stirfry!

I guess I should have pictures of the actual plant. I'll get to that later then if it's still there!

Oh, and Merry Christmas!
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