Friday, July 16, 2010

Look what the fox dragged in

Early Wednesday morning sleeping in bed I heard crying and screaming, sounding almost human like. I was half awakened, but tired as I was I struggled to wake. But the screaming was continuing and I realised my galah was screaming repeatedly. At that point I had to get up. I crawled out of bed to investigate. Shining my bedside light out the window I looked on to the galah cage.As the galah squawked with her wings out aggresively beside the cage was a red furry creature. Its legs crouching, claws up and jaw trying to clutch at the galah.

Stupidly the galah was standing right at it trying to get herself in harms way, in her effort to scare off the fox. Female galahs are very aggressive.

The creature was a red fox, a feral creature that appeared middle sized, perhaps an adolescent fox, that I had never seen around my garden. We ran out and scared it off, though the fox was little scared of us initially staring and staying in its place.
Something like this...

I had heard of red foxes in other suburbs but I never thought they would come here. Taking chickens I heard them do, but that night it was almost the galah.
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