Monday, September 27, 2010

Freesia Revisited

Last year I made a post about the sweet smelling freesia and it was such a delight to show you.
But it was a meager offering and I would agree that although they were beautiful, one photo does not truly justify their magnificence and one clump of flowers is hardly enough. 
Well this year without encouragement the freesia has spread like wildfire and have formed two great bush like clumps and at the most obvious spot in the garden.
The weather has been cool as the freesia has bloomed so although there are many of these beautiful plants the sweet scent has not been overwhelming. I think they need the weather to be warmer for the scent to become accentuated, and a slightly windy day to sweep the nectar sweetness to our noses.
I still continue to enjoy this plant. Unfortunately they are quick to open and wither away so I have to enjoy it as much as I can while it lasts. It's really worth planting and waiting for and they self propagate with little care.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's happening?

Exciting things are happening over here. I have a few surprises that I'm sure you'll all enjoy.
I've never done this but I will be putting a short video that I hope will upload.
Hope you all stay around to watch!
I will be trying to post some daisies, orchids, roses, freesias, azaleas, lilies and some other unidentified plants.
As always comments are greatly welcomed! 
If you have any ideas of what type of plants the unnamed plants are that would be appreciated!
Any ideas for requests or what else I could put on this blog would be nice too.
I would love to do something that would spice up the blog!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Magnificent Magnolia

Magnolia is one of the earliest blooming flowers in the spring time. It is some of the oldest flowering plants on earth!
This is Magnolia Liliiflora (Nigra)
This specie has petals shaped like rabbit ears. Apparently magnolias evolved to encourage beetles to pollinate the flowers before bees came into being.
I remember hearing a story that a magnolia seed was found in an archeological dig in Japan having been sitting among rice grains buried in a pit for more than 2000 years! Perhaps it could even be used to cultivate the variety which could be interesting.
There is a range of shapes of the Magnolia from finger size petals to large head sized blooms. Having survived for so long the spread and evolution of the magnolia is complex and can be found in wide reaching places.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beauty in the thorny shrub. - Flowering Quince

Pretty photos below!
These bright blooms bring life to the bare thorny shrub.

They are truly beautiful with delicate petals.
Elegant simplicity.
And the thorns that shield the shrub?
They need no care and so easily grow!
What is this plant? Any help is appreciated!
A Flowering Quince, thanks to the Anon below!
I also found this out after travels in China in January 2012 where the Flowering Quince is a very popular Chinese New Year plant. New plants are bought as part of tradition!
What a beautiful coincidence!

Friday, September 17, 2010

What do you see in a tree?

Spring time has sprung as they say and something special, a gift from the sky has made itself comfortable amongst a tree.
What is it?
Come closer!

It's a bird's nest!

Look at the intricacies of the nest that was built. The bird was hard at work to construct the weaved layers of brushes to house her future children.

In between the glossy green leaves of a Camellia tree lies a surprise that has infinite value - a bird's nest filled with beautiful spotted eggs!
Four beautiful eggs! It even has some peculiar soft padding inside the nest (probably taken from man made materials).
The lady who made them seems to be an Australian noisy miner. If I can take a picture of Mother Bird I will be sure to post it up!
Hope you enjoyed this special treat from nature!
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