Monday, September 27, 2010

Freesia Revisited

Last year I made a post about the sweet smelling freesia and it was such a delight to show you.
But it was a meager offering and I would agree that although they were beautiful, one photo does not truly justify their magnificence and one clump of flowers is hardly enough. 
Well this year without encouragement the freesia has spread like wildfire and have formed two great bush like clumps and at the most obvious spot in the garden.
The weather has been cool as the freesia has bloomed so although there are many of these beautiful plants the sweet scent has not been overwhelming. I think they need the weather to be warmer for the scent to become accentuated, and a slightly windy day to sweep the nectar sweetness to our noses.
I still continue to enjoy this plant. Unfortunately they are quick to open and wither away so I have to enjoy it as much as I can while it lasts. It's really worth planting and waiting for and they self propagate with little care.

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