Friday, September 17, 2010

What do you see in a tree?

Spring time has sprung as they say and something special, a gift from the sky has made itself comfortable amongst a tree.
What is it?
Come closer!

It's a bird's nest!

Look at the intricacies of the nest that was built. The bird was hard at work to construct the weaved layers of brushes to house her future children.

In between the glossy green leaves of a Camellia tree lies a surprise that has infinite value - a bird's nest filled with beautiful spotted eggs!
Four beautiful eggs! It even has some peculiar soft padding inside the nest (probably taken from man made materials).
The lady who made them seems to be an Australian noisy miner. If I can take a picture of Mother Bird I will be sure to post it up!
Hope you enjoyed this special treat from nature!

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