Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's happening? # 2

I thought an update was in order so that I could explain some things in short. Here it goes...

  • Well about those birds, the noisy minor chicks...All of the chicks have disappeared. KABOOM! I have no idea where they went. I can only guess that something ate it. Now, the nest is still there and the other day the mother has been sticking around. They haven't been kicked out and they are too young to have flown away. The only remains are a few feathers. On the other hand if the mother is sticking around there could be more chicks, fingers crossed. If they are dead (which I assume they are) I shall forgive the mother for swooping. Dear O dear...
So for a remedy here is the last picture of the chicks taken a few days after the last post. 
Rest in peace little ones...

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Babies =P

(Video below!)
Remember those eggs I showed you?
Just 2-3 weeks and they have hatched!
All four have survived and appear to be doing well.
They are all cute though are a bit bare because they are so young.
Unfortunately the mother seems to always make herself scarce when ever any of us are around.
I will continue to take pictures over the coming days and weeks. 
Hopefully we'll see some feathers sprouting.
Here is a short video of the chicks.
They have such an adorable cheep!
Seems that blogger has compressed the file but the full video looks quite cute.
I will be sure to keep updating you guys on how they are going. 
It's rare to see such an occasion and to see these chicks grow up into adult birds.

Friday, October 1, 2010

White Daisies

Daisies are flowers often seeming to have the virtue of simplicity and are close to my heart.
They are hardy flowers that are easy to grow and are widespread across the whole world in the form of the Asteraceae family.
I believe these to be Swan River Daisies.
The specie is Brachyscome iberidifolia.
They are native to Australia. They originated from Western Australia.
The centre of the flower is a vibrant prussian blue with contrasting bright orange pollen.
They flower all the time, almost the whole year.
Each flower lasts a long while too!
They grow into a large bush and germinate everywhere.
When we first grew them they were seeds from a packet. 
They grew easily since they are a hardy plant and adapted to this native climate.
When they first flowered they had quite blue petals but have since breeded out in a way, to the white petaled form.
Did you know that the latin word "aster" means star?
(something I learnt in Year 4!)
Daisies do look like stars and suns and are very appropriately name.
And like sunflowers they open and close at sunrise and sunset. 
Look here, they close at sunset!
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