Friday, November 19, 2010

The Girl Child - La Niña 13/Oct/2010

This is seeming to be a lucky time in Australia.
The La Niña effect is dominating the weather causing frequent rains. 
Although La Niña doesn't guarantee rain it certainly helps our chances of getting it which is why I'm so excited to show you what may seem to you a gloomy day (and the thunder crackles right now). 
It might look gloomy but I'm certainly loving it!
Australia is notorious for droughts and these rains are a blessing.
It is usually the opposite El Niño (which means 'the boy') in times of drought. 
El Niño usually causes a period of drought and sometimes lasts for years making conditions terrible for farmers or maintaining adequate water supply.
Compare the above photo to last year during backburning
Both these weather patterns relate to the southern oscillation index (SOI).
Again the relationship between the two is a bit sketchy and having a high index doesn't always mean La Niña will form or vice versa but it is a good indication for predictions.

It's time to enjoy the rain...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When the world goes round.

These are a bunch of flowers from my dear friends.
I received these last Thursday.
How generous, thoughtful and nice!
 Gerberas, hyacinths, roses, gardenias, freesias...

So sorry I haven't been posting! And for the terrible photos.
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