Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Confident Azalea #1

Azaleas always bloom in abundance. They are particularly good for hedging as it grows strong, quite dense and richly green with a curtain of perfect healthy flowers.

These look as though they are the 'George Lindley Taber' variety - a pretty feminine confident pink!
They have distinct bright pink markings on the top petals and long pink stamens.

Azaleas are actually from the genus rhododendron.
Many from the genus have similar bushy trees and an abundance of flower clusters.
Although rhododendron means 'rose tree' they are nothing like the rose!

In Korea wine is made from the flowers.
Interestingly Azaleas are highly toxic to horses, sheep and goats!

Below the tree bush is seen in full view, healthy with very little maintenance needed if you don't feel like doing anything! Otherwise pruning it down to create a denser shrub might be a good idea.
The Azaleas also come in white.

White Azaleas will be in a separate post.
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