Friday, July 1, 2011

Fuji Fruit

As Autumn was heading for a close the last of the fruit of the Fuji fruit tree (not the variety of apple) were finishing up between the bare branches of the tree.

I took these pictures right before I picked the last ones.
The fuji fruit is a close relative to the traditional persimmon (it is a variety of persimmon).
At the same time it's quite different and you wouldn't eat them the same way.
The fuji fruit can be eaten 'raw' when it's crunchy and unripened
whereas the persimmon cannot as it can get a strange texture in the mouth.
Both can be left to ripen to develop a soft and almost jam texture
and is often eaten with a spoon at that stage.

These fuji fruits that we grew were so sweet and delicious!
I truly didn't expect to have such sweet fruits and I think they were sweeter than store bought ones.
In some cultures persimmons are dried and seem to get a natural sugar crust.
There's an interesting warning that I've been told as well: Don't eat crab and persimmons together!

It was a good turn out with several to ten fruits in the first fruiting year!
We were so lucky that it turned out this way.
It's a seedless fuji fruit that we bought at a gamble, discounted but without a label!

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