Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Confident Azalea #2

Here we have a delightful pure white variety - a very delicate and symbolic colour.

These started flowering at the same time as the common pink variety.
These become a great covering bush with its flowers filling up all the space within the tree.
It's quite a sight to see such a view of many trees flowering at once.

Having been spring it surely isn't the only plant with wide blooms.
Wisteria and Jacarandas also bloom in my garden so there's always a sight to see from grass to sky.
Azaleas can be prone to being high in pollen causing hay fever.

Daisies are always a strong and wide grower and here they pervade as the azaleas bloom.
Unfortunately recently one of the pink azalea trees died.
They have grown for decades so it's a sad but perhaps timely death.

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