Thursday, December 15, 2011

Too sympathetic to the pesky brown blob. (Possum)

What sort of animal sits in a tree and you find that you would love them to leave?
Do you see the brown furry blob?
It sleeps in the day and comes out at night.
It makes a strange growl at others of their kind.
They sound like the ignition of a motorcycle.
Know what it is?
It's an Australian brush tail possum.
Pesky creatures that eat the fruit of Your trees
And ignore the plentiful native plants.
Or gets into your roof to make itself home.
Or keeps you awake at night when their party has started but yours wants to end.
I would love for it to move itself out.
But I'm too sympathetic to do so.
It's your lucky day....
Or year.
The brush tail possum is very common in Australia. If you go looking at night around my house you are sure to see one. It also climbed up the palm tree and decided to jump at the fronds, then decided to climb back down and go for a crawl.

I'm not an animal hater, I assure you. Please, if you would like to say don't hate the animal you are welcome to do so but I would like it very much if you don't make strong, hateful comments or start arguing. This is a preemptive measure. Thanks!

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