Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lavender: Lavandula Stoechas

Personally the smell of Lavender is very challenging to me. 
It's more likely to give me a headache than to help calm and sooth as it does for a lot of people. 
 But there is a special charm to this special flower's shape, the fluffy tops that resemble wings and give the garden such a feminine charm in the most beautiful purples. 

This lavender plant was flowering at the same time as the wisteria and so close by a month ago and it's such a sight to have a carpet of purple below and a curtain of purple enveloping the sky too!
The leaves too are a little misty, not some ordinary green.

Unfortunately this species is reportedly an invasive species in Australia making it not such a good choice in non suburban areas. You can understand why with its general tolerance to the dry and heat and its pervasive ground covering abilities. Very easy to propagate!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Purple Wisteria 2013

Wisterias are such feminine flowers that shower down in sprays of blooms.
They are strong and are widespread where ever they grow enjoying the attention they get.

But behind their alluring exterior is a vine that tends to swallow whatever is in their way.
They climb and twist around all manner of trees and plants and often choke the host plant to their demise and even death.

Even houses or building structures suffer similar fates and I would not recommend planting against any structure or any valued tree.
So not quite the innocent look that it likes to show.

They are part of the pea family (think Sweet Pea).

They are native to Asia although they grow with ease in most places and do well in the Australian climate.
The vines are quite hardy with solid woody stems.

Their blooms don't last that long, a few weeks usually but they spread like a purple haze in teardrops with seeming eagerness. They start out purple with a tinge of fuchsia, then fade paler, shrivels and then drops into dried blue petals.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A New Leaf

It's been a long time since I've done a post and although I'd like to keep the spontaneity I'm pretty excited with the new photos I've been making recently with the introduction of my DSLR (you might have heard from my other blog Garden Of Shadows).

To start off here's 'A New Leaf' - no pun intended but it's like starting a new leaf as well as a vision of petals which are also leaves!
I have a feeling this is a type of bromeliad, with fine long leaves and a typical series of spear like flower 'petals' which are more like thick leaves.

I don't know which genus it is exactly so if you have any ideas please give a shout!
It's definitely a no maintenance plant. The flowers last a long time and are hardy with a pretty pattern.
Obviously I really love my aperture shots!
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