Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lavender: Lavandula Stoechas

Personally the smell of Lavender is very challenging to me. 
It's more likely to give me a headache than to help calm and sooth as it does for a lot of people. 
 But there is a special charm to this special flower's shape, the fluffy tops that resemble wings and give the garden such a feminine charm in the most beautiful purples. 

This lavender plant was flowering at the same time as the wisteria and so close by a month ago and it's such a sight to have a carpet of purple below and a curtain of purple enveloping the sky too!
The leaves too are a little misty, not some ordinary green.

Unfortunately this species is reportedly an invasive species in Australia making it not such a good choice in non suburban areas. You can understand why with its general tolerance to the dry and heat and its pervasive ground covering abilities. Very easy to propagate!

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